After Reiki with Sonya i feel more connected with myself, and focused towards what I want. She has helped me clear negative thoughts which were holding me back and turn them into positive ones which have led to positive actions. Amazing. Thank you Sonya! X ~ Karen Franks

If you need some healing in your life, Sonya is the person to see. I had a lovely, complete reiki session and would highly recommend her. I came away feeling lighter, calmer and much more positive. Sonya also gave me lots of tips and tools to use going forward, which I’ve now adapted into my everyday life which have been so beneficial. I’m really looking forward to another session soon. Thank you Sonya ~ Rachel Gamble 

I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from two reiki sessions with Sonya. Sonya is a truly inspirational healer, whose warmth and love shines out from her. On both occasions, Sonya was able to offer guidance and encouragement on specific issues that I felt, and that Sonya intuitively picked up on. Both times I’ve come away feeling calm, balanced and more centred. I’d fully recommend a session with Sonya. ~ Melissa Kelly

Sonya has a very warm and welcoming persona and a great energy. I thoroughly relaxed during my reiki and I enjoyed the whole experience. The next day I felt very energised. I will be returning. ~ Louise Burcher 

Sonya has a very beautiful energy which is strong, confident and powerful. During the session I could feel the connection to source which made me feel at home and taken care of. I saw colours and felt a profound shift during the treatment which filled me with joy and gratitude. Sonya has enormous potential in the healing world and I for one am very blessed to have met her and be given healing. I highly recommend her as a healer and look forward to more sessions.” with love & gratitude. ~ Kate Chapman

Sonya has a gift, and I am so happy after all this time she has finally found it. This was my first reiki experience, although I have many friends that practice and also know many who have had reiki before. I still was unsure what to expect. My family has recently been through a tragedy, and I myself have been suffering a great deal due to circumstances beyond my control. Sonya let the magic do its work, and although I couldn’t properly relax, she set my mind at ease, and I could genuinely and physically feel the healing from her hands in the form of heat and energy. Although my eyes were closed I knew exactly which chakra she was working on, and the effect it was having on my mind and body. I saw visions that brought me hope, and I felt pain being released. We finished the session and I felt a million times lighter, more confident and positive – a far cry from the shadow of a person I was when I walked in to the room. For the matters of the heart, she healed, and for the destitute state I was in, she brought me hope. I look forward to another session with her, and would trust her with my own family – she also healed my mum Kim, who will write a separate testimonial. Thanks Sonya. Good luck in your new-found life darling. You will go far x ~ Tammy Tinawi

I promised Sonya (my Reiki healer) that I would if nothing else I’d keep an open mind and that I did. After a brief chat I was laying still eyes closed, not talking and not asleep – I can safely say that I haven’t been that long or that still whilst awake, well probably ever! I could feel little warm patched upon my person although Sonya’s hands never actually touched me and after the session she pointed out particular area (knees and right hips) which were particularly charged… all three areas have been operated upon and are still troublesome. Impressive! Not going to lie, after the session I didn’t feel that I could jump tall buildings or levitate – nor did I feel anymore energised, which believe me is a good thing – think Duracell Bunny on illegal substances – but I did feel… warm, content, relaxed I guess. I’d like to thank Sonya of Kindred Spirit Reiki for her time and her patents dealing with this sceptic, still unsure, but mind is definitely broader and better for the experience. ~ Daryll Sutcliffe

I had my first ever Reiki session with Sonya – after a very distressing and upsetting month, I felt I needed all the positive energy i could get (I was literally drained) I went to Sonya’s home with an open mind. After a long chat and a cuppa I instantly felt at ease and allot calmer. As we started the Reiki treatment I was unsure of what to expect from the treatment. I did struggle to relax, however, after Sonya advised me to do ‘breathing techniques’ this is what i focused on. Half an hour into the session, I felt an overwhelming ‘heat’ in my chest and head (not unpleasant – very warming) and with the relaxing music and calm environment I went through a series of emotions (mainly due to what was happening in my life) I can only describe it as’walking around with a heavy rucksack which someone has now removed’ – Today – I feel much lighter and brighter, I have even given myself a little chant!!(just to put things back into perspective) I would highly recommend Sonya to ANYONE, she has a genuine gift. Thank you Sonya, and thank you for my CD – I look forward to going through the relaxing techniques we discussed – Look forward to seeing you again very soon lovely lady, with love. ~ Emily Mann

After dealing with a huge amount of grief in the family, my daughter suggested a trial reiki session with Sonya. Being very spiritual myself I was open to anything that could help.
As soon as I started to breathe deeply I felt my body expelling the enormous amount of grief it was carrying.I started to sob uncontrollably.With every sob came relief till I felt I was flying out of my body.I saw colours that don’t exist on this earth. I felt my mother comforting me, I saw my long gone grandmother laughing and smiling. I had completely forgotten Sonya untill I felt a heat on my chest and neck which made me want to cough and clear my chest. I felt a heat emanating from my hands and felt a release of energy. I need more healing I am aware of that but finances prevail. My thanks to a very talented Sonya who certainly unleashed a lot of negative energy and deep pain. ~ Kim Kelly

I had a wonderful experience in my healing session with Sonya. I arrived feeling pretty stressed and emotional because of a situation in my life that was causing me a lot of worry. Sonya was immediately supportive and created a very safe environment where it felt just OK to not be OK. It was a wonderful reiki session. Despite my high stress state her healing energy took me to a very deep level of relaxation and altered consciousness, beyond the worries of the world. She was also able to read what was going on for me through her healing and give me some advice about how the situation I was struggling with me was affecting me. As a result I felt able to go home and take action to resolve it. I have had reiki healing from a number of different reiki practitioners now and Sonya is definitely among the ones I would recommend. ~ Catherine Watkin

Meeting Sonya after seeing her offer of a Reiki session on her Facebook page, turned out to be a very rewarding experience. More so than I though it would be in fact. I have tried various holistic treatments over the years and always came away feeling relaxed, if nothing else.However, with Sonya and an hour and a half later, I left feeling elated, calm and definitely energised. Plus the next morning I woke up feeling like I had slept like a child, wide-eyed and looking forward to the day. Something I have not experienced for a very long time.
Sonya clearly has a gift but above all she has a belief in what she does and without doubt, she puts her heart and soul into her healing. A wonderful experience and one I shall hope to repeat. ~ Adrian Carey

I have been lucky enough to have benefited from a series of 3 healing sessions with Sonya. My story is that I was knocked sideways by the grieving process after my mum died resulting in ‘anxiety and depression’ as defined by the doctor, but learning from others that this is simply what grief can do sometimes.

During the first session I felt a great heat from Sonya’s hands as she moved over my body and a deep sense of relaxation. I was so relaxed I dozed off towards the end! Afterwards we sat for a short while and she talked about what she had uncovered and what she had focused on. She even told me what I had dreamed about when I dozed off – she is, without a doubt, super intuitive! Afterwards I found myself feeling clearer and calmer for a number of days, sleeping better and also feeling better physically (bloating went down and I had regular bowel movements again – hallelujah!). I felt very comfortable and trusting towards Sonya.

At the second session I felt the same heat and relaxation. This time she worked more on my energies and emotions. Afterwards I felt more confident, focused and clear headed. More logical and less emotional if that makes sense?. Certainly less anxious. Again she gave me some good tips to take away as she had done after the first session.

The final session was by distant healing – I was tired and dozed off before the session began. She told me what I was dreaming about and again it was correct! This showed me that she really was working her magic even with me being a couple of miles away! I slept well and continued to feel calm and relaxed.

Overall I now am less anxious – sometime I get down, but I feel that I’m dealing with things much better. She has, without a doubt, helped me on my journey.

Throughout the whole process I saw a caring, thoughtful, and amazing person sharing her gift and desire to heal me. She has made a difference and nudged me along my healing path with a big boost! I am delighted to recommend her to you. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first went along (I guess no one is), but I’m delighted that I trusted the process and invested that time in myself.

I hope that you might do the same. We all deserve to benefit from the gift of healing. Thank you Sonya xx  ~ Lisa Montague 

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