7th December Oracle Card

7th December Oracle Card

DAILY ORACLE – 7th December 2020


There is so much division in the world at present and it’s designed that way… divide and concur! 

There are so many people projecting their own shadow, lack of self love and unhealed trauma out into the world without awareness of what they are actually doing.

Know that anyone doing this to you, it’s never a reflection of you… it’s always a reflection of their own inner world. 

Remember this phrase “When I point the finger at others there are always three fingers pointing back me!”

In this reflection you can ask, what do I have to look within myself from this projection? 

This card is a great card also to spend the time in self love practice and to what we see in the outer world is always a reflection of what’s within us. So if you see chaos in the outer world do you need to find more balance within and so on…

When we come back to the heart (zero point) there is no duality or separation, we are at one with all things, people and we start bringing our fragmented selves back together. 

I love you and sending you peace  

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