6th December Oracle Card

6th December Oracle Card

DAILY ORACLE – 6th December 2020

This is such an important card pulled today because we are all going through deep healing in on way or another…

We have been so detached from the true essence of LOVE! 

(Not the love we have been programmed to believe)

And it starts by loving yourself! 

I am connecting to nature more and more as my heart expands… even in the cold & wet weather because each element and moment spent with Gaia (Mother Earth) had a unique message to share. 

Last night I watched Avatar again and it hit me more so than the first time about how connected we are to the web of nature, we are one with it when we chose to remove our ego from it. 

I love you and sending you healing (if you accept), this card is infused with my reiki symbols.

Love, Light & Peace  

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