DAILY ORACLE – 5th December 2020

So today’s card is perfect for all of us to be mindful about our bodies and the light within it. I mentioned on my page yesterday about the massive influxes of light coming to us from the galactic core which is helping us shift in our evolutionary consciousness and this will have all sorts of affects on the vessel we live in here on Gaia.

We are light beings, we came from the light and our bodies are pure energy underneath this flesh, we are super sensitive to the toxins and electromagnetic frequencies around us. As more light comes it’s important to cleanse our energy and go within more to get that true knowing of the self.

I struggle to be in cities these days because of the influx of EMFs in every corner and I can literally feel into everyone’s aura as they pass me within four meters… before I became aware of this impact I would pick up thoughts, emotions and physical pain of others and think it was my own… my energy would scatter and I would get anxious. Now I always put myself in a protective bubble when I go to busy places. Can you see how others who are unaware might feel now without protection.

As mentioned yesterday if you want to know how your aura impacts other and get your Human Design chart as mentioned the other day https://human.design/chart-reports/free ( I have no affiliation to them or make any money but it’s the best free chart I have found).

Here is a good article about ascension symptom and how you can help yourself through these time… keep it simple, don’t overwhelm yourself. https://sriandkira.com/2020-ascension-symptoms-expanding-consciousness-understanding-the-moment/

For the last 10 years or more I have been detoxing my life in a massive way… I have cut out almost all toxins, cut out meat which was a low energetic frequency for my body, I’m mindful about the products I have in my home and I have pulled away from toxic relationships and situation which no longer serve me.

Life is supposed to be simple but we have been conditioned to believe everything in life is hard.

So the questions for you to ask yourself today is…

Q: Is what I have in my life serving my highest good? And what should I be letting go of?

I love you and may you be at peace

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