New Moon Ritual Ceremony

New Moon Ritual Ceremony

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If YES then you can use this ritual that I do each month to bring in my desires for myself and for the planet!

🌙New Moon Ritual Ceremony🌙

This ritual is to be performed on the New Moon. As we know, New Moon is for the new beginnings and manifestations for what you want in your life and the world around you.

You start this ritual on a New Moon to focus on your wishes and desires. There is no better day than New Moon to set goals for your bright and abundant future.

Things required

♦ Sage/Incense stick
♦ Candle (white)
♦ Paper and pen


  1. Have a bath with Epsom or Himalayan salt to cleans the body or cleanse your feet in salt water if you do not have a bath before you start your ceremony.
  2. Cleanse your altar or sacred area you have created. You can burn a sage or an incense stick and fill the area or room with Source energy. Call upon Archangel Haniel for blessings.
  3. Light a candle. You can burn multiple candles as per your wish or you can burn plain white.
  4. Relax yourself, you can put some soothing music if you wish.
  5. Take a sheet of paper and put the date. Start with “I surrender these things or something better in my life within _ days/months from today, for my highest good and for the highest good of everyone involved”
  6. Start listing your wishes. It could be anything, put down even your smallest wish to your biggest wish for the planet.
  7. Pray and invoke the higher energies (Source, Universe what ever you want to call it) and imaging the energy imprinting on the back side of the paper. Once your wish-list is ready, with the help of Archanagel Haniel, Goddess Diane and Divine Moon Energy.
  8. Now read your wish list aloud to candle flame. Spoken words holds more power than silent ones. As you go through your list, imagine or visualize the desired outcome for each wish. Once done just say “As this candle burns, it takes my wishes to Universe”.
  9. Fold your wish list in half and again fold it in other half and place it at your altar or in a safe place. You can wrap it in a Chi Ball daily to energize it.


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