Glitches in the Matrix

Glitches in the Matrix

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Yesterday I experienced a massive glitch in the matrix….

My glitch in the matrix was HUGE!

I was driving behind a car of a lady in my mummy club with her business logo on the back window. Driving west along the seafront past Brunswick and then she turned up 2nd Ave (on my right) and I overtook to continued onto Portslade…

I drove past king Alfred and got to traffic lights and there she was again but this time on the left and in front of me which was physically impossible!

Same car, same sign, same person just two different places!

I was thinking about my thought patterns and what shifted but it did spin me out a little then I came home and checked my WhatsApp to find this in one of my messages!


Be mindful where your attention goes…

I have seen small objects move, Mandela affects and time change but this is more proof to me that we are shifting timelines right now.


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