Facebook Live Healing

Facebook Live Healing

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🤍 L I V E H E A L I N G 🤍


Earth is ascending into a 5th dimension and we are all going through a massive shift in consciousness… everyone is feeling it energetically.

I hear so many people speaking about their own inner turmoil… Anxiety confusion, fear, grief, anger, frustration, sadness, shame & guilt ☹️ we see it so clearly with what’s happening globally. Massive healing is needed!

When we are spiritually disconnected it has an impact on our Mental, Emotional & Physical health. Even if you feel spiritually connected, if your mental & emotional health is off balance it will impact your physical… in order to bring balance we need to clear all levels of our being from blocks and trauma so the physical manifestations don’t occur.

This doesn’t happen over night as we each have so many layers to peel off… we will all continue to get triggered unless we deal with the shadow side of self and this is where energy healing is so effective because the energy goes where it’s needed the most for the highest and greatest of good.

So I have made a commitment to myself to step up to my role as an energy worker to assist in raising our frequency so we can be free from the shadow which will then impact the whole collective consciousness and our planet.

So if you feel called, I invite you to join me on my Facebook LIVE for a distant Healing on Sunday 14th June at 8pm (UK time)

All you need to do is tune tune into my Page (make sure you LIKE my page to get notified) and be in a place where you can relax and not be disturbed and let the healing take place. We will have a little chat before and after the session.

Much love and peace 🕊


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