Distant Group Healing 

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Live Facebook Distant Group Healing 

Thank you for joining me on the first of many #LIVE Facebook distant group healing session!

I’m excited to be holding this space for you! I will give a brief intro then go straight into the session. 


*Please state your healing intention when we start 

*Sit in a comfortable position 

*Wear headphone to listen to sounds

*Relax & Enjoy 

It will last around 20-30 minutes. 

Please subscribe to live notifications ❤️

Thanks for watching, I’ll be doing a live again soon! 


I am giving you the opportunity to get £16 off original investment for a private distant healing so just £9 is all you need invest so click on the below link to buy and I will be in touch to arrange time. 



Stay blessed 


Sonya Hilton 



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