Get ready for a major shift

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I’ve personally been feeling this coming all week and am truly excited… Living from the heart is the goal! 

Get Ready For A Major Shift, Full Moon in Capricorn, July 19th
Full moon in Capricorn, 19th July 2016. 27 degrees

Let the love in and let love flow.

This is a healing and almost intoxicating full moon. While at the same time, revolutionary. Instilling us with the urge, to break free. As the revolutionary and bringer of change, the planet of Uranus forms a tense aspect (square) to the moon and the sun. Especially potent, as Uranus is finally free from the difficult square to Pluto, for the first time since 2012 and can now finally initiate sweeping changes unhindered.

Having left the past behind and starting a new chapter, we can now officially spread our wings and fly, as the full moon is supported by a wonderful kite formation with the full moon at the top, the sun in opposition and Chiron, the wounded healer and Mars in Scorpio on either side.

Mars in Scorpio will be giving us extra energy and drive after he has been locked in a stationing position the past two weeks, making him extremely simmering and broody, with many of us feeling the effects on a personal level as well as a global level.

Mars too now is breaking free, picking up speed and will enter the lighter, optimistic Sagittarius on the 2 August.

After a very intense phase the past few weeks, with Mars in Scorpio bringing deeply buried and hidden issues to the fore. Revealing certain truths since the last new moon, often involving power struggles and anger, we can now move forward and heal, as Chiron the wounded healer is making a powerful healing aspect to Mars, healing and soothing the turbulence of the recent weeks.

It’s time now, to start relaxing and having fun. As Mercury and Venus are now in the playful, joyful and fun-loving sign of Leo. It’s time to celebrate our inner joy and our inner child. It’s by keeping our inner child alive that we stay happier, healthier and younger.

Mercury in Leo is encouraging us to creative self-expression of our passions and our hearts. It’s time to have fun, to shine our light and to be unapologetically who we authentically are. Together with Leo in Venus, they are fun-loving, generous, open-hearted and entertaining. Bestowing us with an enormous power to co-create and communicate our needs in our relationships, in art and our careers. Its a wonderful time to find new love, as well as enjoying a new high, in current relationships.

With a touch of drama and exhibitionism its time to take centre stage and show the world what you are made of and shine your light. Leo loves luxury and extravagance, and it wouldn’t harm to indulge and spoil yourself a little.

Projects and relationships started now, have a good chance of long-term success and endurance. As Saturn is making a supporting trine to Mercury and Venus in Leo.

Venus and Mercury are communicating the message of love that will culminate on the full moon, 18th August, with another Venus-Mercury conjunction that will be at the top (apex) of a rare finger of God, as well as an eclipse. This will usher us into the next stage of our evolutionary development with love being the main theme.

The sun in Cancer is shining a light on the full moon in Capricorn, giving us deeper insights into our emotional world.

The moon represents our deepest emotions and our inner child. The moon is the ruler of cancer and is bringing to light how we take responsibility (Capricorn) for our emotional needs as well as those of others.

Both Cancer and Capricorn are very sensitive and often hide their vulnerability behind their protective cover. Cancer, the crab, often taking refuge beneath his hard shell and Capricorn often builds defensive walls around his sensitive heart.

Both the sun and the moon are square the revolutionary Uranus that wants to break down the walls that we have built around us. Rendering us unable to let love in and letting love flow freely. As well as tearing down the walls of limiting beliefs, fear and of not feeling worthy of love. Uranus ultimately wants to set us free, by opening our hearts

Only then can we can plug into the love that is all around us, as well as draw on the higher cosmic love, that deep down we know we are all connected too.

The Capricorn moon is helping us to build emotional strength and inner peace and security.

Capricorn often takes on to much responsibility, and duty while cancer loves to nurture, love and take care of others while often forgetting their own needs. We need to be aware of how there is an imbalance as the full moon is a time of balancing out and integrating the two opposites.

Capricorn brings up themes of how we are dedicated and committed to, the people we love, as well as to our creativity, talents and passions in life. It is only with dedication and commitment that we can build a solid foundation with lasting endurance for what matters to us most in life

A square from Saturn to the nodes of fate and to Neptune are bringing themes of truth and delusion to a culmination. Past events and choices we have made, will reveal themselves as either having substance and truth, or as delusion and lies. We have a choice, whether to stay in delusion or to wake up to the truth. We need to take responsibility for, as well as question our own inner reality that ultimately reflects how we see and perceive the reality of the outside world.

With the ongoing Saturn-Neptune square for most of the year, we need to try constantly to discern between the truth and delusions.

After waking up to the truth, the revolution is here. And it’s up to us to choose love over hate, hope over fear, unity over division, compassion over indifference, integrity over Ego.

It’s a choice we are making to choose the message of love and open-heartedness over fear, hate and building inner and outer walls.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”- Dalai Lama

Capricorn represents power and cancer love. It’s about believing in and learning that there is no greater force than the power of love.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace,” -Jimi Hendrix.

By – Vivienne Micallef-Browne

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