Today’s Full Moon 

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During the full moon we often experience what I refer to as an “energy shift”. Please note that we usually feel the full moon energy three days before and three days after, as well as the actual day of the Full Moon. A full moon energy shift we typically experience the following:

*Intense dreams, nightmares or just strange dreams in general

*Difficulty sleeping or not able to stay asleep all night

*Feeling the need to release or “let go” of whats no longer serving you.

*Feeling a stronger connection with Goddess energy.

*The need to be in your own space

*Body aches and heaviness … sometimes people will feel LIGHTER and body aches go away.

*Moodiness, weepiness and agitation.

What to Release During a Full Moon:

*Lower energies

*Negative Patterns or Bad Habits

*Unhealthy situations or relationships.

If you can’t let go of something on your own, give it to God and the Angels and ask for their help.

The Moon Energies

The moon has different energies during its cycle, from the new moon to the complete full moon. Each of the eight cycles creates a process of manifestation. These phases have a duration of approx 28 days of the moon cycle (not calendar).

1-3 New: Energy creating a vision for new beginnings

3 – 6 Crescent: Energy for organizing the resources that are needed to accomplish the vision.

6 – 9 First quarter: is using resources gathered to take action toward fulfilling the vision

10 – 13 Gibbous: Energy helping us reach our goals, gathering opinions from others.

13 – 17 Full: Brings manifestation and progress towards our goals. Spiritual energy intensifies and soul energy comes to life.

Day 17 – 21 Disseminating moon helps us distribute and share what we have learned, or to have a clearer understanding of what to do next.

21 – 24 Third quarter: The moon is in a completion phase.

24 – 28 Balsamic: It’s time to be alone, and reflect on yourself, retreat, and release attachment spiritually. It’s time to relax, rest and be introspective. Through out this time vision clears and we prepare again to next new moon.

Virgo energies center around love, relationships, survival and having basic needs met/financial needs met. This could cause any relationships with parents, significant others, friends and co-workers to flare in a blaze or reunite with a common love and understanding on a different level, depending where these relationships are now. You will also have past relationships surface to be healed and released during this time; along with past people surfacing in your life with a whismical air. Do not get caught up in the nostalgia of the past allowing your emotions to cloud your good judgement and discernment. Any past people who surface at this time, especially past romantic relationships, know they are showing up for healing and NOT rekindling. Allow healing and forgiveness to take these past relationships to a different realm in your evolutionary growth. Release with love.

It will be important to remain grounded with Earth, and in the HERE and NOW knowing all of your needs are being met in Divine Right Timing; as to not allow the survival instincts of Virgo to take over. Pay extra attention to your finances, so as to not make any mistakes that could cost you. ~Tiffany Stiles

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started since the February new moon can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time!

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationships imbalances causing disharmony. 

Full Moon February 2016 Astrology. 

This is the final full moon of an eclipse phase which began in September 2015. The two weeks leading up to the new eclipse phase beginning on March 8 will therefore be a time of completion. Outstanding issues need to be put to bed so you can start a new journey with the lest amount of emotional baggage.

The more loose ends that need tidying up, the greater the feeling and anxiety you will feel, as if leaving your homework until the last minute. Putting off things can lead to an escalation in conditions to a point of crisis as the March 8 solar eclipse approaches. 

The major theme resulting from the combined effects of the September 2015 solar eclipse and lunar eclipse is the healing of a broken heart. It may be a love relationship, friendship or parent-child relationship that was the source of your inner pain. Whether it is a separation or a continuing unhealthy relationship, the expectations and treatment of women will be central to the problems. 

The February 22 full moon should compliment the theme of the February 8 new moon which was crisis management. Over the previous two weeks since the new moon, two separate crises about a new direction involving love or money may have arisen in your life. These crises are linked to the original eclipse theme of healing the broken heart and addressing imbalances in relationship dynamics. (SOURCE)

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