In memory of Wayne Dyer 

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Since the news of Wayne Dyer’s passing I have been doing his #beautiful ‘I AM’ #meditation every evening before bed… the #music within is so #powerful and this is my I AM #mantra! 

I AM also still doing the meditation in the morning that changed my life… 

6 years ago I was truly broken from my 18 years of partying which was just my way of hiding the pain I was feeling inside from my childhood and the abandonment I felt from it. I started a self development journey and was guided to Wayne’s material, I wasn’t much of a reader but thankfully he had lots of audios… I fell in love with his voice, it resonated with me on so many levels and I never anticipated the impact his ‘Getting in the Gap’ meditation would have on my life! After 3 months of twice daily practice (10 mins in the morning and 20 mins at night) I had connected with source and found an energy emanating from my hands! 

I had never felt such peace before and was guided to learn Reiki and open up my psychic abilities. Since then I have been able to heal my childhood wounds and help others along the way! 

I am truly grateful for his presence on earth and for being my guide these last 5 years even though I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person I always felt very close to him through his meditation which I still do to this day but since he’s left his body I feel even closer to him now he’s in spirit… I truly believe he’s going to have an even more profound affect on our consciousness in every moment from now on ✨?✨

#IAM #WayneDyer

You can find both meditations on Amazon 

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