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I Am, Sonya “Be LOVE

Intuitive Guide/Mentor & Healing Activator

I Am An Activation Portal For Your Self Healing
Mama Champion,  Goddess and 
Sovereign Being Of Light

My personal healing journey has taught me so much over the years and since 2008 I have been on an incredibly powerful journey of transformation, not all of it pleasant, because when any healing takes place the shadow needs to come up to be released. What I have learned most of all over the years is how to manage those triggers and let go of what no longer serves me so I am no longer stuck in old patterns. 

Coming from a background of neglect and trauma in my childhood and a very limited belief system and hardly any self love… I am proof of the power that lies within when we connect with our inner child, launch our own healing ability and return to a place of self love.

I Am dedicated to the continued personal development, through study and practice, and I have an abundance of tools which work to create an more empowered life. We are all human and will have down days as life always sends us obstacles but through harmonizing the light and the dark in all of us we can create ease and flow in our life. 

It is my pure intention to assist women through their own healing journey and help them ignite that beautiful light within. I do Also work with men who I align to.

Qualified: Reiki Master/Teacher, Quantum Healer

The Reiki healing technique based on the principle that the practitioner can channel energy into the receiver by means of touch (or non-touch which I prefer), to activate the natural self-healing processes of the receivers to restore mental, emotion and physical balance. I have adapted my practice over the last 10 years so it’s more Intuitive and I work with Source Energy (God) The Archangels, Ascended Masters, My Reiki Lineage. I also work with Light Language and toning when it comes through.

Healing Activation Session

(In Person, Distant Healing or in Groups)

Intuitive Energy Readings

(In Person or Distant)

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Lots More Meditations & Courses Coming Soon…

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